Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome Home Missy!!!

Well today is a historical day for the Carroll Family. We now have a new addition to the family and her name is Missy. She's a sweet, adorable, cuddly lovable West Highland Terrier. Today my husband took the kids to the pet store to look at some puppies. He said he just wanted to see, being that it was so close by. He had some errands to run and said he would just take the kids with him. I declined because I didn't want to get sick, so I figured I would take advantage of the time and try to scrap a page or two. Well, to my surprise 2 hours later, Lexi came running up the stairs " Mom you have to come downstairs, we have a dog!!!!!!!!!" Of course I did not believe her, I thought her dad put her up to it to play a joke on me. I responded, "Oh quit, daddy would never do that to me!!!" So I entertained her by heading down the stairs. When I came around the corner there she was in all her glory, and a hot pink collar, which may I add was fabulous!

For about 2 hours I was in shock and disbelief. I couldn't believe my eyes. This couldn't really be a dog in my house. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around it because I never thought I'd see the day. It's a little emotional for me because I don't know for sure how this is going to work out. But Vic decided we might as well try. So now I am getting adjusted to having this precious little bundle of joy in our home. I welcome all of your prayers though. I pray that the Zyrtek will be enough to maintain me and that eventually I will be fine with her. I am not having any problems yet, but I haven't handled her too much yet, just because I know I have to sing in the morning at church. So please pray that all will go well. She is truly precious. So without further ado, HERE'S MISSY
Kissin on daddy!!!Missy was jumping up for her toy bone, which is clear so you can't see it. There's her cage in the background. She needs to be house trained. She's 4 months old right now.
Missy got her first biscuit for doing a trick
Don't you like pictures taken while you're eating??????
Lexi picked out her toys

Pooped out after all the excitement, gotta love the hot pink collar. I foresee a collection!!!!


mbzdbp said...

Well I must say that she looks like a Carrol! She is as adorable as the rest of your beautiful family. You are in our prayers...I hope she works out.

Leslie said...

aww... I hope and pray that all with work out. I am so glad that your hubby decided to surprise you. How sweet! She is adorable! BTW, thanks for the blessing. :)

MeandLilG said...

Hi Mel!! What fantastic news!! I'm so pleased for you. She is beautiful. Just give it a week or so until she's taken her place as head of the household and all will be fine LOL!! They may be small dogs but they have HUGE personalities!! They are quite stubborn but easy to train - Fidgit has a full repertoire of tricks - and very very loving!

I hope that you an enjoy her and that she brings you as much joy as Fidgit does to us. Just keep taking the tablets and washing your hands every time you touch her and you should be fine - I hope!

Please keep us informed how Missy is settling in.

Hugs to you all xxx

Sonja said...

Oh my gosh. Missy is just way to cute for words! I know she will bring you great love and joy.

Percy said...

She is adorable Mel!!! will see all will be ok!!! :) Congratulations on your new addition....

Saved by Grace said...

Wow Melanie!!!
She is soo cute!!! How are you handling her? I will be praying for your allergies!! With God all things are possible....:)

I will email you later!!
God bless in His Love,

Stacey said...

Wow! What brilliantly exciting news! And isn't she adorable? LOVE the collar!

I hope your allergies don't flare up too much. Enjoy your new found friend ~x~

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Just the best surprise! And she's gorgeous. I sooooo hope it works out for you. My dog is one of the best things that ever happened to me and I can't imagine life without her. Hopefully over time, you will build up some immunity. I'll be hoping very hard for you.

Sheila xx

Pauline said...

Hello there, Mel. What lovely news. She is a little beauty. I hope that it all goes well for you.
Big hug.

craftyscot said...

she is adorable, good luck with building up a resistance to her- I certainly did with my own pets Mel

Jenn said...

Awww...Missy is so sweet and adorable! I hope all goes well and everything works out!!! :D