Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are we in Las Vegas?????????????

This is at 4:00 before it really started accumulating. A 7 minute drive home from work took me 35 min. The roads were slick and the drivers were very cautious. Did I mention I got stuck in the middle of the road?????????? Yikes!

this was at 4:00 when I got home from work, can't believe this is my house!
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOHOOOOO! OH WHAT FUN FOR THE KIDS!!Cameron humoring me by the tree, all he wanted to do was play, not take pictures!

Lexi's always up for a picture.

I have better pics in the evening when it was at around 3-4 inches but uploading is very slow right now, so I will try later. Missy had a blast too. Her first snow. At first she barked at it, later she enjoyed running around and chasing snowballs.

I also have pics of the aftermath this morning. Because we are not used to this kind of cold, all of our trees which took 8 yrs to grow are destroyed. Now I know how my mom feels in Florida when a hurricane hits, so sad!
The aftermath. The tree that has been growing for 8 yrs! Waaaaa! Here are the kids this morning!
This was last night at around 6:00 and it was coming down hard!Lexi making her very first snow angel!


Stacey said...

Wow, that is amazing! Can't believe you got all that lovely snow - I'm not jealous..... much! ~x~

cindy said...

wow you had alot of snow too wasnt it just the best??? I know what you mean about the trees though it was a little sad they are just not meant for that kind of weather at all. Our neighbors tree fell over into our yard and laid on top of car poor little tree. The pictures are great we were sure blessed with a brief "Winter Wonderland"
God Bless your family this season,
The Bolt's

Percy said...

Mel, It looks like you had fun with the kids in the snow...not driving in it!!!

KRISTIN said...

I'm out doing some "blog-hopping" and loving everyone's snow pics from yesterday. Wasn't that crazy? We lost some trees as well - two that we planted 5 years ago when we moved in. ...pretty sad - but what a fun day...God is good! My kids were loving it...looks like yours were too! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season! Blessings, Kristin

Sandra T. said...

The weather was super crazy! The kids and I made a snowman on Thursday morning since they didn't have school. I am glad to see you are posting again. Merry Christmas!!!

PawsN2Stamp said...

We've got snow, too! In fact, I think most of the US has it! It is beautiful to look at but treacherous for trees especially when you get ice build up.

Kids always find a way to have fun in the snow ;-)

Merry Christmas!!

Saved by Grace said...

Cute Pics!!!