Monday, January 18, 2010

How Are You Today?

Good morning my friends or perhaps it is afternoon or evening for some of you. As I woke up today I had many things on my to do list to get accomplished. I have been working hard to organize and clear out the clutter in my home. As I sat down at the computer to prepare some activities for my first grade class, I once again was stopped in my tracks by the headlines on Haiti.
I could not help but to investigate the new images of this awful catastrophe. As I viewed each slide I sobbed and prayed over each person and their family. I knew that they would be graphic but I felt that I needed to put a face on those precious souls who are so in need of prayer. I know that these headlines are a reminder for me to remember to pray and pray hard. I cannot say that I can fathom such heartache and pain. However I do know that we are living in end times and this is just the beginning of what the Bible warns about. In the end days there will be wars and rumors of wars, plagues, earthquakes, floods etc.
I know there are many of you out there experiencing some of the toughest times in your life and I do not want to make light of that. However, in my personal case, I have a bit of a perspective adjustment that is taking place. I can find myself whining and grumbling over so many little things. As I remember those in Haiti I truly can say I am good today. There is so much hurt and desperation in that country right now, as an onlooker I feel so helpless. The best I have to offer is heartfelt prayer. Prayer for provisions, comfort, aide, and most importantly HOPE. Do they have the hope of a Savior and of eternal life? I don't know. Many may but what about those who don't know?
Lord I pray that you would reveal yourself to those hurting souls that don't know you. Lord that they would know the hope of your salvation. That they may cast their eyes and hearts on a world that is yet to come where there will be no more pain, no more tears, no more fear. Father come to those people and use whoever you see fit to bring that message to them. Oh Lord Your ways are higher than our ways. We can not understand them. Lord for those who are doubting and questioning right now I say "I believe help my unbelief". Help them to not lose heart or sight of You. Lord be with your children. In Jesus name I pray.





Saved by Grace said...

Wow...thanks Mel for the encouragement. I haven't really heard or seen to much about Haiti. I don't watch the news but when Jason announced that they were doing offerings to them and then today that you mentioned it. I am going to do the same. I was watching a bit of the news today and the clip was about all the orphans in Haiti right now. Oh, if the Lord wills, I would take in as many as I could. My heart has been to adopting for quite some time. In the Lord's timing....but I have to say that I am blessed today. Blessed to have my family, intact and along side me. Blessed that we are in Jesus!! Thank you for your post.

Have a blessed day and thank you for the chit chat the other. It was really nice to talk to ya. Miss your stinkin face...LOL!!

God Bless you CHica!

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