Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let your worship be your mirror

Here is a devotional that I thought was really eye opening. As many of us have become health conscious it's easy to get carried away with looking a certain way. It is important to be healthy and to take care of the temple God has given us and to not be lazy, however we must remember that God made all of us different, with different body shapes and sizes. We must not fall prey to the media and their ideas of beauty. Some are big boned, some are very small boned and that's OK!!!! To try to fit into an image that is not realistic is the enemy working on your mind. We don't need to give him a say in this matter. I really liked this devotional... Let worship be your mirror!! Enjoy and God Bless and love who God made you!!!! You are beautiful!!!!!!!

Let Worship Be Your Mirror
Cory Bradley

Our culture is obsessed with images. The media, the internet, the workplace, and even sometimes the local church; image seems incredibly important to many facets of our life.

Can you imagine a day in which you didn't get dressed and prepare yourself for the day without using your mirror as a reference? Probably not.

Well, can you imagine getting dressed, washing your face, making sure all of your hairs were in place, only to do so with someone else's mirror or image as a reference?

If you are saying no or think that may sound absurd, believe it or not, it is something we do everyday when we do not make worship apart of our daily routine.

Recently, I had sort of a meltdown on Myspace while viewing all of the beautiful faces and toned and fit bodies; I thought to myself, "What's wrong with me? No one looks at me and admires me in such a way that reflects my value and worth."

After giving God my laundry list, I heard God clearly respond to me and tell me that things aren't that much different with Him either. He said, "Cory (that's me), maybe it's not what wrong with you, but maybe the problem is what others are looking for."

He went on to say, now with sort of a melody behind Him: "Instead of searching and asking others about your insufficiency, why can't you be more focused on what I see?"

As a worship leader, I have come to realize something. When we worship God, we are washing ourselves and the images we tend to embrace that God has nothing to do with. Worship, praise, and adoration of who God is provides us access to the thoughts of God and how He perceives our lives.

Our standards of beauty are changed through every encounter. The more we reflect on Him, the more our beauty is revealed. Worship is the perfect looking glass.

From the times of Moses until now, worship is man's greatest tool to cleanse away the worldly perspectives we have regarding this life. It is how we renew our lives and most importantly, how we embrace how beautiful we are in the sight of God.

This day, let worship be your mirror.
You may be surprised on how great you really look!


Anonymous said...

wow!!! That was an awesome devotional. It's sometimes easy to get carried away in the things of this world. We need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Thanks that was a really good devotional.

In His Loving arms,