Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Trip to CA!!!

Well, we had a fun filled weekend and definitely some praise reports. We headed out to CA on Fri for my hubby's competition. He entered the Orange County Muscle Classic. This had been a long awaited event. One year ago he was training for this competition and 7 weeks before the event he had an accident and severed his bicep tendon. He had to have surgery which was quite painful and lost the use of that arm for 2 months. He was not able to work that arm hard for 6 months. He was very limited being that it was his right arm. During his down time he reflected on what the Lord would have for him. This was a very introspective time and a humbling time.

Discouraged by the looks of things and the comments that were coming at him, my hunny after 6 months started working out to rebuild that arm. Through pain, hard work, discipline and THE LORD, he started getting back in shape. He felt grateful for a full recovery and was praising the Lord.

So now, the Lord gets the glory, for he allowed for a complete recovery and to top it all off, He allowed Vic to enjoy taking 5th place in his class in the competition."All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

Thank you to John and Julie for coming out to support Vic!!!! That meant the world to him. We love you!!!!!This is what the kids do while mommy is purse shopping.
home sweet home for the weekend!Daddy got him and Cameron matching shirts. Cameron couldn't wait to wear it. Yes that's Vic with a painted on tan!!!!!!!
Lexi supporting dad along with our dear friends John and Julie

The kids with Jay Cutler, MR OLYMPIA!!!! He's huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sure why not!!! We'll take a pic too!!!!

We are all so happy for daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!!!!!!
Egg custard pie!!! You earned it, enjoy your victory pie.......
Sun brunch at I Hop
John and Julie
Sun at Knott's Berry Farm
cameron looking at the BIG roller coaster.
Lexi and daddy on the big crazy roller coaster!!!

Cameron was finally TALL ENOUGH to ride all the rides.
Last ride of the day, Cameron rode the big coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of a wonderful weekend!! Thank you Lord for my family and for all the good gifts that you give!!!!!


Vicki said...

Hello again! What a beautiful, beautiful family! Great pictures!

OH, and I also love your pink suede chair pictured at the bottom of your blog, LOL!

Here's my email:

cindy said...

Mel your trip to California looks like it was very Blessed trip Prasie God Her is so good to us oh and tell Vic love the tan lol!!!

Deanna said...

Nice pictures, oh and love the new purse! Steve's been secretly shopping for Mother's day, I had to drop a few hints, LOL. Congrats to Vic.

TinaB said...

Lovely pictures!!! Thank you for sharing! xx

Chris said...

Hi Mel,

Looks like your trip was just perfect!

Chris xx

Bowsbyleslie said...

Hi Melanie! I LOVE you pictures. Looks like you had so much fun. God bless!


Sonja said...

Looks like you all had a great time. You and your husband look great together! I think it's awesome that you all get together and support one another's activities. My husband runs as a hobby, and I try to support him the best I can. I've been to a lot of his races, and even tried to start running to join in...ummm, that is STILL a work in progress...

Also, love those flowers on your post...I may have to check those out.

Saved by Grace said...

Priase the Lord, you are soo blessed!! God is good!!! Looks like Knotts was a lot of fun, was their a lot of things to do for the kids. We are going in May and I can't wait!!!! Roller Coasters here I come!!!!!

God bless you sista!!
In His Control,