Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Becca!!

The gang! Me, Terri, Julie, Cindy, Yvette and the birthday girl...BECCA!
Big hugs for a special friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy and Becca
Julie and Becca
Yvette and Becca
Terri and Becca
The never ending bag of goodies!!!!!
Yum!! Blow out that candle and eat up!!!!
How can you not smile..... that is one happy sundae!

Happy Birthday friend!!!!!!!! These are just some of the pics from our lunch yesterday. After lunch all my crazy girlfriends went to the church with me as I was receiving my teaching contract. They are nuts!!!! I love you all sooooo much and I thank you for loving me and supporting me and always lifting me up in prayer. You are all such a gift to me and I pray that you are all blessed today!!

Becca, I love you and I pray that you feel especially loved today. Happy Birthday !!!! THE NUT FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One day when we're all old and wrinkly we are going to laugh at this silliness. I love you girls!!!


Saved by Grace said...

Your so blessed with such wonderful friends!!!

Becca is one blessed gal!!!

In His Love,

mbzdp said...

Hey!!!!!!! Have I told you how blessed I am by our Heavenly Father??!?! Huh....well...come on have I. I am sooooooooo blessed!!!
Thank you again for making my birthday so special (just like you always do). I'm blessed beyond measure by your friendship and sisterhood. You are such a treasure and I know that our friendship was created in great is that...we get to be sisters here on earth and for all eternity!! Most people won't know each other until heaven. God is so good. Praise Him, to God be the glory! Thank you Lord for my dear friend who showers me with Your love. :) I love you stupid head.

craftyscot said...

what lovely pictures and it looks like you had great fun. May I say too that you are all very glamourous

Sandra T. said...

Sounds like you've had an amazing last few days. Your daughter is so brave for cutting that much hair off. The great part of that is that she is donating it to a wonderful organization. Congrats on the new teaching position.

cindy said...

Wow we are a bunch of sillywillies!
I was very blessed to have shared the day with these wonderful sister's in Christ we are truly blessed with sisterhood at Calvary!
our Heavenly Father is soooo awesome to bless us even with the silly times.
I love you all,