Monday, July 7, 2008

To Be or not to Be?????

Our first stop on our journey to find a hypoallergenic dog that would work for me
A little sleep at first but oh so cute!!!!
Now she was ready to play. We took her in our car to see if I would get asthmatic or allergic
I just wanted to eat her up. She's a west highland terrier
Ok, so we named her Missy, even though she wasn't ours, I just couldn't resist
She fits right in, not camera shy, posing for a scrapbook page!!!!
Lexi was in love
Cameron too!
She really loved Vic
And Vic was very fond of Missy!
ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!! that pony tail. That a girl Missy!!!! She actually got his hair tie out, too funny!

Well, this was a pretty emotional day for me. I have been allergic to dogs all my life and very asthmatic. Having a dog has always been a desire but not very realistic. However the other day when I went to get my hair done, the lady next to me told me she too was very allergic and highly asthmatic but was able to get 2 dogs. They were the mini schnauzers. First we went to our local pet store and tried out a west highland terrier. It went pretty well. I tried the mini schnauzers after but they got me sick right away.

Missy, the west highland terrier, had been bathed before we got herand the store owner let us take her to our car and hang out for over an hour with her. I didn't really get asthmatic but I broke out everywhere she licked me or touched me with her nails. I am allergic to the protein in dog saliva. The dander was not bad though, which is why I did well with my breathing. I felt a little something in my chest but wasn't really sure if it would get worse or not. I prayed that God would just confirm what we should do and close the doors if it wasn't meant to be. I don't know that it would be smart to get a dog and then find out I am too allergic and risk breaking all of our hearts as well as compromising my health. I have thought about allergy shots and perhaps building an immunity to her but again I just don't know. So in the prayer closet it remains, but I think it's leaning more to the "not to be" side.

Thought I'd share these pics because she was just too cute. I haven't been this close to an animal in a long time, so I thought I would enjoy these memories and be grateful for the opportunity.

Count your blessings!!! and Be Blessed!!!!



Sandra T. said...

My kids have wanted a dog for sometime now but since my hubby is allergic too, I don't think we'll ever get one.

Saved by Grace said...

There are so many dogs now that are hypoallergenic like the poodle, maltiese and some of the hybrids. If it's the Lord's will you will find that Dog that doesn't make you sick. God bless!!

cindy said...

Oh I was wondering when the appointment was to see puppy!! Well those hives are no good I will keep it in Prayer she sure was a cute pup!!!
God Bless sis!!
Love ya,

craftyscot said...

what a little cutie she was. Sorry to hear about your allergies. I can sympathise as I too am allergic to cats, dogs and all furry animals. However, we got a cat 3 years ago and I seem to be immune to him. I still cannot go near my mum or sister's cats though. Hope you can achieve this dream someday

Sheila said...

What a gorgeous little dog. I am so sorry it didn't work out for you. Hopefully you will find a way one day to get a dog that doesn't give you such a bad reaction. Have you looked into Labradoodles etc? Weren't they bred specifically for people with allergies? I used to be ok with cats, but they make me v ill now. My old soggy cat came home to live with us from my ex's but she had to go back as I'm now allergic to her :'(

I wish you lots of luck with it xx

Pauline said...

That is the cutest dog! Sorry to hear about your allegies to dogs. My son has the same problem. I would love a little dog but will have to wait until he finishes college and moves out.
The Lord be with you all.

Stacey said...

Such a beautiful puppy but such a shame that she makes you so poorly. I'm sure the perfect doggy for you is out there somewhere :o)

Anonymous said...

Aw Mel...I don't know what to say. I'm a true animal person so I can understand your desire to have a pet. She was adorable and I'm glad you got to spend some time with her. Cherish those memories and puppy kisses.

Anonymous said...

my husband is the same as you. He has severe allergies and has asthma too. I find it easier if he takes his zyterc D every day on time like he is supposed to. He breaks out in hives if they lick him too. When that happens, he jump in the shower and uses Ivory soap (bar) and that helps. We currently have two dogs (a rotty and a mini dachshund ) and we found out that it is easier to limit them to one chair (that they can get on) and keep them off the others and the bedroom is off limit too. I wish you luck!

Patter Cross said...

Oh what a cutie! My girls are all allergice to dogs and have asthma but we have 3 dogs. :) They do wonderfully. They are all on Singulair and Zyrtec. The doctor said on meds that they will be fine, and they are. He said cats would not be. Thank goodness, because cats do not like me. Anyway, I pray that you will find that precious bundle that will not cause your allergies or asthma to flair up! Blessings,

MeandLilG said...

Hello there.. was just hopping about and came across these pics of the little Westie. I am seriously allergic to all animals - which is a killer cos I love animals so much - but I manage quite well with our little Westie. I have to wash my hands a hundred times a day and I swell up like a balloon if she catches me, but she is so worth it.

Hugs to you xxxxx

MeandLilG said...

Me again - thanks for stopping by my blog! I have another pic on there back in June when we bathed her - what a hoot that was! She sulked for two days. I am also asthmatic, so never far from my inhaler or handwash, actually. Fidgit (so-called because she never sat still as a puppy) is only allowed on one chair, never on our bed, but we seem to get on fine. Westies are not only cute and cuddly, but really great with children (Georgia - or Lil G as she's known - is her baby!) and people. BUT she is the most stubborn creature I've ever known and she HAS to have the last word!!

I also get by with Piriton, which, when you live in the middle of farming countryside with a high pollen count, is a blessing!!

I hope you find a Westie soon! xx