Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank you girls!!!

Here are some cards that I have recently received in the mail as well as this special wall hanging
Ok, This one really made me cry. This wall hanging was handmade by Adrienne. When I went into my classroom on Fri it was in a pink gift bag on my front table. I first opened the beautiful card, how cute is that Bella????????? Then, when I opened all the bubble wrap I found this beautiful glass frame with my favorite scripture on it. Did you know that was my fav scripture Adrienne???? I totally know that was the Lord. I was so touched and blessed, I couldn't help but to get emotional. I am so clinging to this verse right now in this particular season of life. Thank you my sweet and talented friend.
Love the Bella from Adrienne!
This cute card came from a SCS birthday RAK from Amy
These 2 came from my SBS sister Tracy.This Sarah Kay card came from my SBS sister Shazza, check her out on my sidebar under SBS time to craft. I absolutely love these images and would love to get my hands on some. How cute is this card. Oh I love it! Thank you so much!!!
This card came from my girlfriend LeighAnn, isn't it cool??? The circle in the center is a peekaboo window. Thank you for the thank you card Leighann!

Thank you all for thinking of me. Tomorrow is my birthday for those of you who thought you missed it. I will be turning 36. I never will get too old for cards, that's for sure. Thank you for blessing me!




Leslie said...

aww... How sweet! Love the cards. Love the frame too! Sweet gifts for a sweet girl. Happy Birthday Mel.


craftyscot said...

so glad that my card arrived in time Mel. Hope you have a fab birthday

Saved by Grace said...

Hi Melanie!!!

What a blessing it was to make that for the first time and for you. Well I knew that was part of your fav. verse but I totally prayed about it. I asked God what I should make and that came to mind. So it was totally the Lord, he was just saying how much He Loves you!!!

Praise the Lord....I was so totally wandering if you got it or not. And Aweee!! What a blessing it was to make it for a friend/sister that the Lord blessed me with. So, God Bless you girlfriend.

See you soon!!!
In His Love,
Your sister in Christ Jesus!

Saved by Grace said...

Oh, your totally cute!!!! Love it, Love it!!

Love ya!

Pauline said...

These cards are so sweet :o) I hope you had a really special birthday. God bless you.

Nicole said...

All those cards are absolutely awesome! Happy Birthday (a bit belated) and that scripture - yeah - totally a favorite. And the wall hanging she made is simply beautiful.

Saved by Grace said...

Hi Melanie!!

I wanted to know if you don't mind if I post the pic of the wall art picture frame on my heavenly diaper cakes site? I totally forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it. Hope you don't mind.

God Bless,

KRISTIN said...

Hi Mel!! Haven't visited your blog in several weeks (it's crazy over here too) and I have had fun catching up and seeing your pics and cards-I love the new look of your blog! Happy belated anniversary and birthday! Hope you felt as special as you are! Left you an award on my blog. Hope to see you soon! Blessings...Kristin

Angela K said...

Happy belated birthday!!