Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recklessly Abandoned

Paul was not conscious of himself. He was recklessly abandoned, totally surrendered, and separated by God for one purpose— to proclaim the gospel of God (see Romans 9:3).

Wow! This is powerful. This came from the devotion for today “My Utmost For His Highest”. If our eyes are focused on our own character and how we can be more pleasing in our own eyes, the work of the gospel has not really even begun in us. God can’t deliver me while my interest is merely in my own character. I must be recklessly abandoned to God.

Recklessly abandoned...totally surrendered and sold out for Jesus. Our pursuit of holiness can often turn very legalistic and self serving. Who would have thought? This devotion urges us to seek out the motivation of our heart as we seek holiness. God desires for us to proclaim the gospel."Christian workers fail because they place their desire for their own holiness above their desire to know God." Yikes! This was pretty strong yet so thought provoking. I am so grateful for this statement because it reminds me to search my heart and to evaluate my true motivations and desires. It all comes down to KNOWING GOD. So I ask us today, is our desire to KNOW GOD stronger than our desire to look good in our own eyes.
Lord help us to seek You out and accept all that You put in our path. Father, creator of heaven and earth, You deserve all glory. Help us to spread the greatness of the gospel and to be completely and totally sold out for You. Help us to be recklessly abandoned, thinking not of ourselves but of the Your redemption. Father help us to be transformed from the inside out and to be Your hands and feet. Help us to answer the call! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Lord bless you all this week,
God is good and is worthy to be praised!