Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 9 Master Cleanse

Praise the Lord day 9 is over. Today was much better. I got a lot of sleep last night and I drank a lot of water after doing the salt water flush. That made a difference. I actually got out of the house today with my family. We went to find Cameron a dresser for his room since he's been living off the floor for awhile. Found an armoire instead at less than what the dresser would have cost. I just love the clearance center!!!!!!

Am I hungry????? OH HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!! More so than ever. Today when I was making sandwiches for the kids to take on the car ride, I about ate their bread through my nose! So much for staying away from temptation. However I did it in front of my family and knew that it wouldn't go any farther than a good sniff. Not quite sure what I thought that would accomplish but who cares, because I have finally made it to day 10. One more full day to go and I am done. Till tomorrow, God bless!!! and enjoy your food!!!! LOL!