Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celebrate The Battle

Good morning friends!!! If you are in need of a good devotion and happen to be going through some trials, check out Girlfriends in God on my side bar. I know so often when the going gets tough it's hard to look up, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's hard to understand what God is doing. Often times we can become downcast and discouraged, we even fail to praise God.

However it is in the midst of these difficult times that God is usually trying to do something amazing. It's then when we must walk by faith and not by sight. We must take our eyes off our circumstances and fix our eyes on God. We must remember that He is the God of all creation, His ways are higher than our ways, He knows the beginning from the end, so does He not know how to handle our circumstance???? Of course He does and much better than we know how to. He wants us to completely trust Him and surrender our will to His so that He can bless us. So while you're going through your trial, remember to praise Him and thank Him for what He is doing in your life even if you don't understand.

Here's an excerpt from the devotion

Praise is not a feeling but a choice, a step of obedience taken without the assurance of a changed circumstance or the elimination of a trial. Praise focuses on God, not the circumstance, and fixes its gaze upon God's truth and God's character instead of the trial at hand or just ahead. That is why we can celebrate the battle before it begins. The outcome is neither our responsibility nor our goal. Praise begins and ends with faith in the very nature, personality and integrity of God...and that never changes.

More from the Girlfriends

Our praises are a gift to God. What an amazing thought! God listens for and longs to hear the praises of His children. Busy schedules, crowded lives and chaotic hearts can keep us from sifting through circumstances to find the seed of praise Him. What has God done for you, friend? Take the time today to stop and praise Him. He will be pleased and you will be blessed.


cindy said...

This is good stuff sis and so true if we can just remember it is so important to not place our eyes on our circumstances but on Jesus and what we are learning in each trial put before us. love it and Girlfriends in God is fabulous I have had that site for some time now!!!
love ya,

Saved by Grace said...

Amen sister, amen!!! I just came from my site and posted this video that is pretty much in comparison with what you are talking about, check it out, oh and you may need some tissue. That's funny how God works like that.

God bless you!!