Tuesday, May 20, 2008

White daisy ink

I had some requests for step by step instructions on how to use CTMH stamps. So for those of you who are new to stamping, what you see is an acrylic peel and self stick stamp on an acrylic block. You can see through these stamps so it's pretty fool proof. You simply peel the stamp off the contact sheet place it on the block, ink it up and stamp away. I love acrylics because they are so space efficient and easy to store! If your stamp seems like it's not sticky, simply rinse it in warm water with liquid soap and it will become good as new.If you would like more info check out my website

Place your acrylic stamp on your acrylic block and ink up your stamp well
Pounce on your pad a few times until it is covered well with ink
With steady firm pressure stamp your image onto your cardstock (CS), don't rock your stamp or it will smudge!
Here's what you'll get. The white daisy ink is very wet so don't touch your stamped image
Take a sponge dauber, that's what's on my finger, and rub it in your chalk, oops I dropped them! Don't do that, lol.
With an up and down motion, dab your dauber onto the white ink until it is covered with your choice of chalk color
Use fan brush or mini duster to brush off any excess chalk, I got this one at the Dollar Tree and added some ribbon to it. I use it whenever I use sandpaper too, it brushes off my surface well.
And here's the finished project. Now use it to create a card. Sorry, didn't have time to do that yet.

Here are some other samples using the chalkboard technique. I used the dot in GROOVY to make the polka dot background, how fun!! See how our stamp sets are packaged???? In a hard plastic envelope that snaps shut. Each set comes with a foam sheet inside. This is for you to place under your paper so that you get a good stamped image, it really does make a difference on detail stamps.

This is It's a Party stamp set, I love this one too!!!! Very fun set.

I hope this helps!!!! Happy stamping and stay tuned for my next tutorial. I'm working on getting my video tutorials set up!!!! Stamping 101 is on it's way....


Anonymous said...

Fantastic tutorial.
So easy to understand, the effects look stunning

SBS16 - Shell

Aimee said...

I love the Groovy Card! I'm so into polka dots these days! have a great day!

Hilmarose said...

Thank you for sharing... will have to try this one day :)

Jenn said...

Great tutorial!!! I haven't used chalk before...I may have to try that!!! :D

made by fifi said...

wow that looks really good i must give it a go xx

Leslie said...

Hi Mel,
Does this come in a set or individual. I think I am going to get a few things from you soon. Love it! BTW, thanks for your prayers. What a blessing you have been.


Percy said...

Thanks for the tutorial! It looks stunning!!!

Mare said...

Fabulous tutorial!!! Great artwork, too! :) I have never been able to do the chalk board technique without getting chalk all over the black paper and now I know why!!! Use daubers and go up and down. Wow! I guess I can learn a trick or two after 50......

CTMH sister

CarolineH1972 said...

what a great tutorial mel, definitely another to play around with

Have left a little something on my blog for you :-)

Angela K said...

Great tutorial, TFS!