Monday, May 19, 2008

A day in the life!!!!!

Today we spent some time at the pool and as always the kids had a crazy fun time. Today was extra special because Lexi caught a butterfly. We don't get to see very many here in Vegas, but today we were blessed by a friendly white and black fluttering friend. Lexi crept up slowly and placed her little bug catcher over it and viola, she was able to capture it. She did not keep it for long as she wanted to see her friend flying free. However she kept it long enough to try to feed it and take a closer look.

thankful for simple pleasures,


Aimee said...

TFS pics of your fun day! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Jenn said...

Hey Mel...
These are super cute pics of your kiddos! Looks like they were having a blast!
Here is my email:
Send me your address and I will gladly send you some images of the Bellas I have!!! :D

PawsN2Stamp said...

Great photos of the kids! And, love the butterfly catcher.

cindy said...

Hey sis,
the kiddo's look like they had a blast and how awesome is all God's wonderful creations even the simplest like a butterfly. May God continue to bless you with even the simplest of things.
love ya,

Leslie said...

I love these pictures. You have a beautiful family. Is God AMAZING or what?! AMEN! I love that Cindy once said that its amazing how the Lord would entrust a wretch like me to His beautiful children. We are so blessed. Thank you for sharing. Oh and love the butterfly.